A Hit Single! Cypress Grove Chèvre Goes Solo!

One is not “the loneliest number,” and Cypress Grove of California proves it with the latest single serve goat disks!

Cypress Grove Minis.jpg

Single serve goat disks from the front and back, courtesy of www.cypressgrovecheese.com

Solo cheese snacks have been a “thing” for some time, beginning with mozzarella sticks and moving onto Colby Jack, Cheddar, French Brie, Swiss Emmentaler, and even real Italian Parmigiano Reggiano. (In Pennsylvania, one can buy tiny gourmet cheeses at the Sheetz gas station/snack store!)

Cypress Grove dairy is located a few hours north of San Francisco, the birthplace of movements. The Cypress Grove cheese experimentation started in the 70’s as a grass roots movement by Mary Keehn, a self-proclaimed “serious hippie.”


Mary Keehn with her company’s cheeses. Pic from the Cypress Grove website

She adopted a few goats, and then more, and even more. She decided to make a then revolutionary domestic goat cheese—chèvre. Thus, an American rock star was born, and it spawned a brood of great cheeses, complete with groupies!

In the past, the Cypress Grove’s Humboldt Fog soft-ripened, ashen goat has made its mark, but as the decades progressed, many other CG goat (and sheep) cheeses also earned their claim to fame, including fresh and hard cheeses.


Go, groovy goats, go! Pic from Cypress Grove’s site

These fresh chèvre rounds come in many flavors now, and with very interesting, era-inspired names: Purple Haze (lavender and fennel), Ms. Natural (unflavored), Herbs de Humboldt (French Provence style), PsycheDillic (dill), and Sgt. Pepper (peppers, of course!)

Check out the “Fresh” page on the www.cypressgrove.com site. It lists the cheeses with pairing and recipe ideas. These little nuggets are great for single snacking, a decorative cheese board, or warmed and set atop a mixed green salad.

Elizabeth Bland, The Cheese Mistress

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