St. Patrick’s Day Cheese and Biscuits

Lively cheese brings out the Irish in everybody! Many Americans are of Irish descent, but no matter your background, Ireland’s fine cheeses invite you to join in on the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. From Ireland’s rich green fields come luscious golden cheeses, many of which are in the beloved cheddar style.biscuit552

This year, Irish cheeses started popping up just as I was returning from a trip home to Alabama—with a batch of my sister’s homemade biscuits. “Make sure and toast them with cheese,” she told me, “just like Grandma used to do.” Sure enough I melted my Irish Kerrygold cheeses (Dubliner and Skellig), and butter, onto my grandma’s reincarnated biscuits.

Fluffy, yet crumbly, these biscuits take you back to the “scone” age. Biscuits, like good scones and even Irish soda bread, are based on buttermilk and soda. They go great with anything from fruit preserves to simple butters, floral honeys, and lush cheeses.

It is hard to wait for fresh biscuits to cook (which is why I enjoy the raw dough), but equally difficult to watch—and watch—and watch the orange light in the toaster oven as it warms and re-crusts the biscuits from early morning festivities. It is worth it, the soft, crispy toaster version. Melted cheese and butter are an extra bonus. Plus chives.biscuit14

I open-face toasted some biscuits first with my Irish cheddar, but also made sandwich biscuits.

Biscuits may not hold up in your lunch bag. They crumble. And you may not make it to the train stop. I bit through this biscuit during its photo shoot.biscuit713

For more on biscuits and cheese, see my cheese biscuit blog post from 2011 where I tried to recreate my grandma’s and searched for a substitute for government cheese! (Spoiler alert: there is no substitute.)

Elizabeth Bland
The Cheese Mistress


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