Black and Blue Burger Made Easy

blueburgerlabelThank you, Denmark, for making the American burger cheesier and easier!

Blue cheese is known first for its famous blue veining and marbling; second for its piquant flavor; and third for the wide array of textures it assumes. Blue cheese ranges from creamy and smooth to crumbly and chunky. It has become increasingly popular sprinkled on a hot steak fresh off the grill or melted in place of Cheddar on a juicy burger. The salty, sharp of the blue melds nicely with the savory, sometimes even sweet, flavors of beef.


Castello Danish blue in slices. The wrinkles are from the paper that was on top.

Danish blue came about by way of France, as a cow’s milk “Roquefort” style cheese, which is made with sheep’s milk. The Danish cheesemaker Marius Boel created Danablu (its most common name) early in the 20th century. It is aged eight to twelve weeks, and although it does it is creamier and milder than its sheep inspiration, it nonetheless creates its blue veining by way of penicillium roqueforti, a mold first discovered in the caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon.


The slices broke off into smaller pieces, but were still easier to work with than crumbly blue off a wedge or in a tub.

One problem with putting blue cheese crumbles on a burger is that they roll off. Castello of Denmark has come up with a solution for this problem—blue cheese slices. The 6-slice is called “Blue Burger” and features a perfectly formed and gently melted blue cheese slice on a thick burger with lettuce, cheese, and onion.

I bought the slice pack partly because of the photo and also to see if the cheese would actually live up in texture and shape. I was also curious to find out if the Danish blue slices tasted like the cheese sold in pre-packed chunks or fresh off the wheel. Would it be as sharp? Would it be too gooey or too hard? How would it hold up being maneuvered around in cooking?


The final product!

Burger Blue is creamy tasting with a sharp bite and a slightly fruity flavor. It is a bright cheese, not at all brooding or overwhelming. The slices are separated by paper so that the sheets may be lifted to transfer a fairly intact slice of cheese to a burger. Although the slices broke when lifted, the pieces were sturdy enough to make the melting much easier than the rambling crumbles of blue off a wedge. The thickness of each slice is uniform and fairly easy to work with.

Elizabeth Bland
The Cheese Mistress

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