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Dunbarton Blue

How did I come to know Dunbarton Blue from Wisconsin? It’s a long and meandering story. One night I was wandering down Bleecker Street in NYC and saw my crazy cheesemonger friend, Michael, in the window. “Come on in!” he … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Cheese: Not just for farmers anymore

After struggling with making Mascarpone for over a month with limited success, I was scared to try to make farmer’s cheese. It sounded simple enough: Boil milk. Add in vinegar. Stir. Drain. Serve. What could go wrong? Well, as luck … Continue reading

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Unwrap a Robiola, Make a Friend: Robiola di Capra in Foglie di Castagno

Buying a cheese without a tasting in the store makes me a little nervous, and even more so when I can’t even see the interior or the rind of the cheese for all the leaves. I took the Murray’s cheesemonger’s … Continue reading

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Selles-sur-Cher: Going Grey the French Way

“Grey and overcast” is a favorable weather report when it comes to soft, fresh goat cheeses. The Loire Valley of northwestern France is home not only to exquisite, stony châteaux, but also to ash-coated goat’s milk cheeses with undertones of … Continue reading

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